Where’s the cancel culture when you need them?

The recent incidents related to Juwan Howard, Michigan’s mens basketball head coach, and actor Will Smith need to be discussed honestly and openly without restraint.

Imagine if both slaps were from large white men on black men of smaller physical stature. What would be the repercussions? Do you honestly believe the reaction would be identical? I say, no it wouldn’t. Just consider the recent repercussions for public statements by white men.

There are many young men of color overcoming obstacles to conform with mainstream society from a violent upbringing. Their so called role models like Juwan and Will do a disservice to those men and the group they represent. If you don’t want to be profiled as violent, don’t behave in that manner with minimal provocation and in public forums which you chose to be a part of. Shame on Juwan and Will. Your acts were cowardly, and I hope the groups you represent will hold both of you accountable. And that includes the activist segment of the African American community.

Don’t expect mainstream society to treat you with respect if you don’t have restraint and respect for societies norms.

Also reminded me when Ryan Leaf was provoked and swung at Jim Rome when he was insulted during a televised interview. Ryan’s career ended quickly. Not because he was white. Mainly, because he couldn’t perform. Yet, his public image was tarnished for many years.

Cancel culture cannot be selective. It must be consistent. Nobody will discuss the inconsistency, for fear they will be cancelled. That is the only consistency cancel culture creates. Consistently keeping people from speaking honestly.



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Roberto Villarreal

Roberto Villarreal

A retired gambler with a background in root cause analysis and process improvement. Providing creative analysis on sports, gambling, current events, and life.